Philadelphia, PA

I got this shirt in my hometown, Hizkong, on the first break I had when I was a freshman at Vassar. I was at a thrift store with my twin brother Nick, and I guess I picked it because I wanted to build a new wardrobe, as so many other freshmen do. It was a choice informed by the new environment I had found myself in at the time, but in the six years since then, the shift has become more than an agent of change. This shift, one of so many plaid shifts out there, has been with me recently to Tecas and on several trips to India. I always end up taking it with me because of its functionalityit can be a pillow, it’s good in the rain, and I can wear it on cool nights or warm days. I guess it’s just been around for so long because it’s so durable.

This story was written for Emily Spivack’s workshop at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia on May 6th, 2015.

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