Lonell McGhee

Pewaukee, WI

I have a t-shirt that I got personally spray-painted. On the front of the shirt it says “BIG BRO OF #24”. The reason this shirt has a significant meaning is because my little brother’s basketball team had made it upstate to the playoffs and I wore the shirt to support him. The shirt has gotten all types of stains on it and all I do is wash the shirt and wear it again. I don’t think it’s going to feel right throwing the shirt away because basketball is taken seriously in my family and for me to throw my little brother’s upstate shirt away would make me feel like I didn’t care about his team making it to the playoffs. I would also feel like I’m neglecting his talent because the shirt isn’t trash, it’s a representation and souvenir of his hard work and talent. The color of the shirt is red, white and blue. There’s a reason for the design too. My little brother’s favorite hero growing up was spider man, and his favorite colors were red and blue.The number on his basketball jersey was 24 and the reason he chose that number is because his favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant. There’s a lot of reasons this shirt is important to me, one of them being that every time someone makes or dedicates a piece of clothing to someone, it’s rare that they keep it. Sometimes people just get those type of things done for the moment of the event, but I still wear the shirt till this day and my brother played ball upstate 3 years ago.

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