Jared Wheeler

Milwaukee, WI

This is my first Obey shirt. Obey is a brand that most skaters wear, but is also worn by anyne who likes items from this store called Zumies. This shirt is my favorite because I bought it during my junior year and it was was the first Obey shirt I ever bought. I thought a lot of people weren’t going to like it because back then I actually cared about what people thought. When I got it I had never worn a shirt that looked that bright or flashy because I was used to wearing striped shirts ones. I decided to wear it the first day of junior year and everyone liked it and even told me that I had good taste in clothes.  I started buying different types of Obey shirts and by senior year I even ended up getting nominated “best dressed”. This shirt is by far my favorite because it was the first Obey shirt I ever had and it was the one that started my collection. It was a little too big for me when I first got it, but since then I’ve grown a lot and now it fits me perfectly so I wear it the most out of all of them. I wear it almost every weekend, at parties or at any other social gathering. Since it brought me good luck in high school I feel like it can still bring me good luck even now, hopefully in other things in life other than a “best dressed” competition.

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