Darian Jason Christian

Big Bend, WI

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a wrestling fan. I eat, sleep and breathe wrestling. However, I don’t own many wrestling t-shirts. Partially because I never found the need to have one. My friends weren’t wrestling fans so in all honesty I never felt the need to flaunt my so called “Wrestling Fandom” . But there was one shirt I had to have. It intrigued me and it was just so cool  that I had to have it.

In 2011 Pro Wrestler CM Punk returned after winning the WWE Championship and leaving the company with the title the same night. So of course they held a tournament to crown a new champion as the last guy wasn’t there anymore. As history shows, John Cena would win the title from Rey Mysterio only two hours after he won the WWE Title and the Company seemed to right itself after the controversy of having their champion skip town on them. Then you heard it: John Cena’s theme music stopped and all you heard was Living Color’s “Cult of Personality” playing on the Titantron while John Cena was celebrating in the ring after winning the title. CM Punk walked out on the Titantron Stage wearing a white shirt and on the front was a cross between the Chicago flag and his own logo. But that wasn’t the kicker. On the back of the shirt were the words: “Best In The World”. Now you’re probably thinking: “Oh he’s a wrestler, of course he thinks he’s best in the world, he’s supposed to.” That’s not the point. Nobody puts it on the back of a shirt. It’s really implied for any wrestler who’s any good for people to call them the best in the world, that’s how it works in any sport. But to put in on a t-shirt, it was insane. No one had really done that before. I just had to have the shirt.

But unfortunately getting that shirt for me was nuts. I ordered one online on Ebay and it never arrived. $20 bucks down the drain and I never got it. By the time I tried to get another one, they were out of stock. I couldn’t find one anywhere or get it anywhere that seemed legitimate and upstanding enough for me to risk my money again. But I got his very next shirt, which for the most part was the same except it was dark grey and instead of having a rip-off of the Chicago flag it had a rip-off of the Presidential Seal,and  instead of the eagle and the sticks there was a red star. The writing said: “In Punk We Trust”. So I finally got it and the first time I ever wore it to an independent wrestling event, my first ever indie wrestling event, I met Nigel McGuinness, the greatest British Wrestler in the world in my opinion. He was just standing in the corner, nobody talking to him or bothering him! I walked up to him and asked for a picture and I got my only picture with him in that shirt. And it didn’t cost a dime!

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