Chris Chester

Washington DC

Cardiology is kind of my thing. I’m not a doctor or anything, but I have had two open heart surgeries, which is not something most people under the age of 30 can boast.

Perhaps because heart disease is a topic usually associated with grim prognoses and chronically ailing grandparents, I tend to serve as a foil to the typical heart patient. And because I have a good sense of humor about it, I have become a magnet for all of the heart-related jokes that pop into peoples’ heads, but which they’ve never had a chance to say.

In short, I embrace my cyborg heritage. And thus I am the regular recipient of t-shirts festooned with steampunk hearts and spring-wound engines of various kinds.

While I appreciate my friends’ support of my status as a part-man, part-machine, I do wonder: Who else is buying these things?

Originally posted on The Kojo Nnamdi Show Blog on occasion of the Worn Stories segment, available here:

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