Angelique Posey

Brookfield, WI

Living in Wisconsin, it is very hard to be a Pittsburg Steelers fan. It is even harder when the Packers and the Steelers are both in the Super Bowl. That is just what happened a few years ago. Every store had the Super Bowl t-shirts on their racks and of course I had to buy one. I wore that deep black cotton t-shirt with awesome graphics of both teams on it everywhere. Everyone commented on how cool it was. I was afraid to wash it because the image was ironed on. I would have been devastated if this shirt was damaged in the laundry. I used to have one and the letters washed off little by little each time I washed it. I didn’t want that to reoccur since I paid a pretty penny for this piece of world history. I didn’t even want to wear it on the day of the Super Bowl, because I was afraid of getting beer spilled on it, or worst, nacho dip. But it is very hard not to wear something that is this cool. Plus, I didn’t have a Steelers t-shirt to wear on game day, so it was official: the new shirt had to be worn. I was really hoping that my beads, terrible towel and my fancy new shirt would bring me luck, but the Packers won that year. I was hurt by the defeat, but this shirt is my favorite piece of attire in my whole closet. I have it on a special hanger with a garment bag over it. I would love to put it on sometime, but I have gained some weight since then. Maybe I could use that shirt to set new weight loss goals in the future.

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