Jackie DeLeon

Waukesha, WI

When you have a child your life changes dramatically. I was 20 years old, nervous about everything that came with having a kid and  going through the pregnancy. Everyone told me horror stories. I would listen to the old wives’ tales about what you feel and do when you are pregnant, and how it affects the baby when it comes out. I remember being worried about not being able to handle having an infant and thinking “I’m too young for this, what am I putting myself through?” I was not ready for this new journey I was going to take.
I was 8 months pregnant and during my entire pregnancy my family kept telling me to not purchase anything for my baby. I always thought “How can you say that, this is my first baby, what if I don’t have enough for her when she is born?” So I decided to go out and buy her very first outfit. It was a white and polka dot onesie that said ‘I love my daddy’. I was so in love with it and so was her father. I was so proud of myself because I had bought my daughter her first outfit so I hid it from my mom because she wanted to get the first outfit for her to come home in.
I had her on January 21, 2011 and she was too small for the outfit, so I was a bit upset. Luckily the hospital took pictures of the baby and my nurse was sweet enough to take the outfit when I was asleep and take her first pictures of her with it. When I saw the pictures I was so happy. When I finally got to take her home after two weeks she fit the onesie. I never wanted to take it off of her and she wore it almost every week. Eventually she grew out of it but I kept it because it reminded me of all the struggles I had been through while being young and pregnant. It represents my daughter changing my life for the better.

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