Your Stories

Lynn Crothers

Winston-Salem, NC

A couple of years ago I bought a one-way ticket to northern Iceland. It was 2am and I just clicked the button. I was saying fuck yes to my intuition, but I was also running away. A few weeks prior, I had broken up with my boyfriend, moved out of his place. “Where was my home?”…

Natalie Guevara

New York, NY

This dress was given to me by my mom. She’s had it since the early ’90s and gifted it to me about two years ago when I requested that my wardrobe look more like I was on vacation all the time. (It was a very serious “career phase” I was going through, with lots of […]

Rachel Cannon

Knoxville, TN

I have had this pair of trashed Vans for about four years. It seems almost everyone’s pair of trashed Vans has stories about their adventures. I wore these black canvas shoes almost every day. I even wore them on a Florida beach and they still have some sand in them to this day. These shoes […]