Your Stories

Terry Berkowitz

New York

This is a fairly new memory, but it is about living in something and how one feels in what one inhabits. I do not have a particularly happy relationship with clothes since I am always battling weight. I learned early that shoes were my forte and finding the right thing to wear with them was…

Alex G. Brown

$10 grab bag sales. That’s what my favourite used clothing boutique had become known for in my first year of university. Walk in, take a bag, and whatever you could fit in it was yours for $10. Naturally, I had become accustomed to raiding the place. That gold, glittery leather pencil skirt? I’ll take it. […]

Alexandra Donaldson

I stopped wearing the t-shirt about a year ago. Not because I had outgrown it or because I didn’t like it anymore. Because I was afraid that I was beginning to wear it to shreds. It’s the first article of clothing that I’ve stopped wearing well before I was ready to – most of my […]

Carolita Johnson

New York

In 1988 I bought a beautiful pair of fine leather Mary Janes in Paris, with an inch and a half high block heel, rather closed up and high, with a thin strap that buttoned on the side in an old-fashioned eyelet and button style. The slightly elongated toe made them look like a Victorian doll’s […]

Maddy Hall

London, UK

It all started when I was studying for my A-levels; a burning desire to travel the world settled itself in my brain. Partly as a chance to prove that despite being small in size, at a towering five feet and one-half inch, I was independent, brave and at least a little bit interesting. My father […]

John Cathcart

New York

Here lies a meaningful garment that spends its months hiding in my “other shirts” drawer. This relic is long past its prime, but we will never part. As if it is trying to check on me and refuel a certain strength I often need, we cross paths every once in a while and I am […]

Emily Siegel

New Orleans

It hung on the rack in the upscale consignment store. It was brown leather with black details and a yellow leopard print interior. It was new with tags and it said it cost $1200. They were selling it for $300. It was D&G, Dolce & Gabbana. My paycheck from my job as a hostess at […]

Bonnie Wertheim

Millburn, NJ

As the youngest in a lineage of fashionable females, I have been the recipient of many a fine hand-me-down. Great Grandma Bella, whom I never met, and Grandma Rose, who passed away when I was 4, left behind piles of costume jewelry. I don’t accessorize much, but when I do, it’s with baubles of crystalline […]

Dorothy Handelman

Sleepy Hollow, NY

Years ago, during a visit to my hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, I found a wonderful vintage purse at a local thrift store, which I purchased without hesitating twice. Returning to my folks’ house, I showed it proudly to my mother. She gave it a quick look and remarked dryly, “That’s the bag I just […]

Isabel Lara

Washington, DC

On 9/11 after I heard the noise of the plane hitting the WTC, I quickly pulled on a pair of jeans, grabbed a gray t-shirt and went downstairs to the community TV to see the news. I never changed my clothes that day. We were told to evacuate the building, and a group of us […]