Your Stories

Chris Haughton

London, UK

My friend, Safia, runs the fair trade company People Tree. On one of her speaking engagements she was to meet the Dalai Lama. She thought it would be good to give him a gift of some kind. She wanted to give him some nice fair trade People Tree clothes but as the Dalai Lama only…

Mike Samo

Portland, ME

I first got my pair of Chuck Taylors for my senior prom, and ever since they have been my all-time favorite shoes.  My three best friends and I got them together and they will forever bring me right back to the good ole days.

Andrea C. Anastasi

Philadelphia, PA

It all happened so quickly.  The entire year was a blur of chaos and constant motion.  That didn’t really change after it was all over. It felt like we were running a race to put it all behind us and finally breathe.  But the sudden disappearance of his clothes after it happened made me lose […]

Curtis Rivard

Gorham, ME

This is a shirt that means quite a bit to me. It was given to me by my father when I was a child, and I’ve held onto it all these years even though it was way too big to fit me. I am now 24, and it fits me perfectly. At the time that […]

Catherine Bonner


This is a classic “Boyfriend Jacket” that I found in a small women’s clothing store in New Hampshire. It was the last one on the rack and quickly caught my attention, because the denim on the back of the jacket is cut out in the shape of a cross. It’s different than any other jacket […]

Francesco van der Zwaag

Zwolle, Netherlands

My first pair of perfect fitting Vans remind me of a nice holiday in France, back in 2008—Normandy, to be exact. I went there with my two best friends for three long weeks of camping. We went on lots of hikes and my Vans really became my close companions that holiday. The salt water of […]

Joseph Foglia

Brooklyn, NY

In 1985, at the age of nineteen, my two best friends from the High School of Art and Design convinced me to go with them to a Punk show at the Ritz in the East Village.  At the time I didn’t really care about Punk as I grew up in the then Latino Southside area […]

Kaytlyn Colter

Standish, ME

This is the dress for my 21st birthday. This birthday was very special to me since it was the day I have been waiting for my entire life. I felt older. More mature. Finally into the 21+ club. Red is my favorite color. I really like how aggressive and powerful it is.

Eva Spitzer

Seattle, WA

When I was about eight years old, I was shopping at L.L. Bean with my family, which is near a lake camp we visit every year in Maine.  I convinced my dad to buy me a pair of thick cotton tie dye socks, even though they were way too big.  My mom said I would […]

Linda Post

San Francisco

My favorite piece of clothing? Shoes just like the ones Wendy Davis wore, which I bought the day after the June 2013 filibuster in Texas. At the time no one was wearing brightly-colored shoes and it took me a little bit of time getting used to them. But for comfort and walking the dog 3 […]