Your Stories

Ian Were

Brisbane, AU

Clothes take on part of the wearer, a memory by way of perspiration, blood, or traces of other bodily liquids, evident through a scent or stain. Small scenarios like that particularly apply to our intimate wear. Sweat, urine and preseminal and vaginal fluids leaking a little into our underclothes can be found almost at any…

Anne Marie DeVito

New York

My best friend, Kel, called it the butterfly dress. It was ballet slipper pink, strapless, with butterflies scattered in a rainbow of colors. Made of the thinnest cotton, it was almost translucent in a certain light. The dress made me look younger than I was, but not as young as I felt. I wore it […]

Kim Shipley

Tyler, TX

I got these the week after Thanksgiving last year. This was a particularly difficult time for me emotionally. I had just informed my now ex-husband that I was filing for divorce three weeks prior, and we spent Thanksgiving dinner together at a Golden Corral. I  remember very vividly getting a bowl of macaroni and cheese and […]

Jared Wheeler

Milwaukee, WI

This is my first Obey shirt. Obey is a brand that most skaters wear, but is also worn by anyne who likes items from this store called Zumies. This shirt is my favorite because I bought it during my junior year and it was was the first Obey shirt I ever bought. I thought a […]

Barbara K. Lerman

Brooklyn, NY

I come from a long line of tenacious women, which brings to mind the famous line attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, “A woman is like a tea bag—you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” For my family I would tweak that to: “A woman is like a matzoh ball—you […]

Angelique Posey

Brookfield, WI

Living in Wisconsin, it is very hard to be a Pittsburg Steelers fan. It is even harder when the Packers and the Steelers are both in the Super Bowl. That is just what happened a few years ago. Every store had the Super Bowl t-shirts on their racks and of course I had to buy one. […]

Darian Jason Christian

Big Bend, WI

Anyone who knows me well knows I’m a wrestling fan. I eat, sleep and breathe wrestling. However, I don’t own many wrestling t-shirts. Partially because I never found the need to have one. My friends weren’t wrestling fans so in all honesty I never felt the need to flaunt my so called “Wrestling Fandom” . […]

Lonell McGhee

Pewaukee, WI

I have a t-shirt that I got personally spray-painted. On the front of the shirt it says “BIG BRO OF #24”. The reason this shirt has a significant meaning is because my little brother’s basketball team had made it upstate to the playoffs and I wore the shirt to support him. The shirt has gotten […]

Lynn Jarrett

I last wore this pretty linen dress on April 19, 1995, a day I will never forget. I knew I would only be able to wear it a few more times this season before the weather got too hot, when the linen would start to make me itch and be too uncomfortable. I headed into […]

Laura H. Elliott

Valdosta, GA

This morning, as I put on my jacket, I knew what my story would be. More of an over-sized shirt than a jacket, it is salmon colored with flat mother of pearl buttons running up the front. The cloth is a light weight linen and large, black, stick-figured giraffes and porcupines are sketched across the […]