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Philadelphia, PA

Whenever I start sweating I take the cardigan off. I have taken loving care of my thin, white cardigan since I was in seventh grade, when I added this garment to my huge collection of nearly useless cardigans. Living in Mission Viejo, Southern California, the warm weather meant that I really didn’t need another cardigan,…


Philadelphia, PA

I used to get excited by the alligator on the left side of my father’s jacket when I was a girl. We lived in the country—in Lehighton, Pennsylvania—and there weren’t too many alligators out there. As a country girl, I knew little about fashion and upscale designers. I had no idea that this alligator was […]


Philadelphia, PA

When I put on the blue cocktail dress I first wore at my high school formal now, I don’t always think of my disappointed, embarrassed, hurt mother. Waking up on the morning of the formal, I knew I’d be spending the day studying for my last exam of high school, while resisting the urge to […]


Philadelphia, PA

Two years ago, I bought a light tan jacket with large gold buttons on it. It’s beautiful and intact; the gold buttons have an insignia and markings that make it resemble laurel wreaths from afar. I bought it from Buffalo Exchange during a time when I was building a wardrobe. I was excited to find […]


Philadelphia, PA

My mom and I were going to a favorite chocolate shop in Whitby, England, the coastal town in the northeast where my grandparents had lived. Exhausted from the visit, and from the ongoing transatlantic relationship problems I was dealing with, this floral dress in the window of the adjacent clothing store caught my eye. The […]


Philadelphia, PA

I got this shirt in my hometown, Hizkong, on the first break I had when I was a freshman at Vassar. I was at a thrift store with my twin brother Nick, and I guess I picked it because I wanted to build a new wardrobe, as so many other freshmen do. It was a […]

Rosalind Jana

Oxford, UK

My grandma appeared on Doctor Who once. She played President of the Earth. It’s the kind of fact that gets people talking – easy to flourish up at the right moment. She appeared in the 1973 Frontier in Space sequence, back when Jon Pertwee was racketing around in the Tardis with Katy Manning (Jo) at […]

Eva Garcia Rodriguez

Barcelona, Spain

This watch belonged to my grandmother. I still remember when, as a child, she got ready to go out and told me that it was made from gold and precious crystal stones. I did not quite believe her, but it made me dream. Now, while she is not here, this watch stays with me. I […]

Amy DuFault

These shorts were from third grade, when I was a young bully and my guidance counselor had said that my parents needed to get me involved in something. So, they got me involved in the Cotuit track club on Cape Cod. I ended up thinking that I was the best runner ever and it empowered […]


My name’s Arianna, the object that I brought are these beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes. I brought them not because they’re beautiful and not because they’re Christian Louboutin shoes but I brought them because they are the inception of a business and a life for me. I’ve had them for 10 years, they’re not my size, […]