Your Stories

Emma Davenport

London, England

Clothes are opportunities to become someone else, to transform ourselves into a range of ‘selves’ from the ideal to the fantasy.  When I saw this Patagonia turquoise jacket with its royal blue fleece lining and Treepeople badge, I imagined myself as a well dressed camper, equipped for anything the environment might throw my way. At…

Maia Deccan Dickinson

New York, NY

I found the sweater at an elevation of nearly 12,000 feet, high up in the Himalayas. We’d arrived in the Indian village of Leh after three months in the southern subcontinent. My father had always described Delhi to me as hot enough to cook an egg on the street, but the temperature had plummeted nearly […]

Kelley Alison Smith

Rhode Island

There is a threadbare boys’ Vespa shirt on my dresser. It’s goldenrod yellow with a 70s font and navy piping on the shoulders and sleeves – the kind of shirt that places like Urban Outfitters reproduce for people who won’t condescend to shop in actual thrift stores. If it were 1992 and I were still […]

Tessa Love

Oakland, CA

When I graduated from college, the euphoria of accomplishment and endless summer wore off like a temporary tattoo. My predisposition towards impatience settled in and I made the hasty decision to jet off to Istanbul for two months, leaving just two weeks after I walked across the stage in a big robe and tasseled hat. Ten days […]

Holly Botner

Montreal, Quebec

Panic sets in when the need arises to dress for an event. Last minute shopping for a holiday gala sent me to Ogilvy’s in a tizzy. As ridiculous as it sounds now, I walked out the proud new owner of designer pink snakeskin pants with shimmering scales. How I imagined that these dressy jeans would […]


London, England

As far as I can remember, wearing heels was always a childhood desire of mine: the softness of the leather upon my skin, the undulation of the sole shaping my foot, the height of the polished, thin wooden heel enhancing my silhouette. While wearing my mother’s heels– and despite my clumsy walk due to their […]

Colette Neumann

Burke, VA

As a kid, I couldn’t imagine a cooler job than being an astronaut. You’re paid to be shot into space. Space. How cool is that? I still think about what it’d be like looking down at the earth from the moon or the space station windows. Watching the sun break over the edge of our […]

Cera Lee

Burke, VA

A peculiar thing happens when you lend a sweater to someone– once they wear it, it’ll never be the same again. The arms and torso will be stretched out in a foreign way, and it’ll be infused with their scent. If they wash it before they return it, their smell will be even more apparent; […]

Rachel Safko

Brooklyn, NY

Earlier this year, I went on a major cleaning jag, inspired by the old William Morris quote about having nothing in your house you don’t believe to be useful or beautiful. A notice posted on a telephone pole said spring cleaning swap at the Greenpoint Public Library. So I packed up a shopping cart’s worth […]


Philadelphia, PA

It was my first half marathon, the Love Run on the Schuylkill River. It was a huge accomplishment, paired with my upcoming graduation from Penn. This tin foil is the quintessential image for running a marathon. I remember not feeling my legs and sweating yet feeling cold at the same time. You can just envelope […]