Scott Bodenner

Brooklyn, NY

I got this pair of vintage deadstock underwear from my best and oldest friend, Diane.  I only wear them on occasions that really matter which, of course, I always tell Diane about.

I had a big job interview in Zurich, Switzerland to work with these two textile mills that are really fancy. They were interviewing me to do design work and to open a U.S. office so it was a giant job. I was scared shitless. I did everything I could to armor myself. It was at that time when I actually took the most solace in the underwear. I wound up getting the job.

Another time, a friend introduced me to this guy who she thought I’d really like. We started talking on the phone. He was awesome. We were totally gaga.

We decided to meet for the first time at the book launch for Craftivity, where I was a contributing editor. This was a few years ago. I told him there were good things and bad things about us meeting that night. I was going to be incredibly proud. I was going to be surrounded by people I love and who love me. And I was going to be wearing a Thom Browne suit that makes me look like Pee Wee Herman.

As it so happens, I could totally wear my lucky underwear underneath a tight Thom Browne suit. It turns out that you can feel a little stronger when you’ve got on this hidden talisman.

Scott Bodenner is a textile designer living in Brooklyn. He edits the Chella collection, working domestically and in Europe. He is currently studying graphics of the pre-1969 space race.