Cory Arcangel

Brooklyn, NY

My all-time favorite T-shirt is my Guns and Roses and Metallica tour 92 T-shirt. As you can see, it’s pretty beat up. This was from their summer of 92 stadium tour. I was 14 years old and saw them at Rich Stadium, the football stadium in Buffalo New York. From the show itself, I can only remember a few things; being very far away; Mike Patton of Faith No More (they opened) flopping around the stage like a fish; Metallica playing during the daytime (which was cool, but awkward because of the sun); and Guns and Roses playing at night (which was awkward because of the 1.5+ hour stage building intermission, but cool because Guns N Roses was totally out of control on that tour).

I remember buying this shirt on the way out of the concert through the car window from someone in the parking lot. Therefore I’m not entirely positive whether this is actually a real authorized tour T-shirt or a bootleg. I’ve never bothered to look it up and the uncertainly is one of the reasons I like this shirt so much. Even though I was there at that concert I’m not entirely sure I’m wearing the “actual” concert T-shirt. I think this is a really contemporary situation.

Cory Arcangel is a computer programmer, web designer, and ‘sculptor’.