Stephen Elliott

San Francisco, CA

I’ve had this backpack for seven years. I got it while on a shopping spree at the Nike employee store. How I got a shopping spree at the Nike employee store is another story, one I don’t quite understand myself. But everybody I knew got a free pair of shoes that week.

The thing about the bag is it was never released. I say it’s a prototype, which is not exactly accurate. There were a couple of them at the employee store and that was it. Price tag: $200. More than I would ever pay for a fashion accessory, or it was. Recently I bought a scooter.

The thing about the bag is it falls apart and I take it to the shoe repair. Maybe that’s why the bag was never released. People don’t believe it’s Nike until I show them the swoosh just inside the leather strap. I have to get it stitched a couple times a year. I had a canvas liner installed inside the bag but soon the bag will be too busted to contain it. Still, I keep fixing it because every week someone comments on it and I’ve never had something like that before and I probably won’t again. I mean, no one has ever commented on my shirt or my pants or my shoes. I don’t have much style. I still wear white t-shirts and blue jeans almost every day, like I did in grammar school. Though maybe that will change as well. Recently I’ve been wearing grayish and dark blue t-shirts.

I didn’t realize this bag was so stylish, though now it seems obvious. It takes me a while to recognize beauty; that’s why, as a writer, I edit so compulsively.

Now I’m not sure what to do. The bag needs to be retired, or undergo a severe re-stitching. I’ve spent more than $200 on this free thing. I can’t afford to lose my keys and wallet. I shouldn’t use the bag for heavy things, like my computer and hard drives, but I do. I don’t have another one.

Stephen Elliott is the author of seven books including The Adderall Diaries. He founded the Rumpus, recently started Letters in the Mail, and his directorial debut, Cherry, will be released by IFC.

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  1. 1 michael hollander said at 6:47 pm on April 6th, 2012:

    can you completely take it apart, start with a nice new liner, and use the pieces to create a new exterior shell? it might not look the same but it could be really cool…..

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