Lizz Wasserman

Los Angeles, CA

I bought my Milwaukee Brewers t-shirt from a thrift store when I was in high school, but it wasn’t my first one. I spent the first half of elementary school planning on being the first female Brewer and dressing the part. I still am totally into the Brewers for two reasons:

1. The M & B of the Brewers logo I grew up with combine to form a baseball mitt.

2. I really like sports teams that are named after jobs.

When I temporarily dropped out of college, I brought this t-shirt with me to teach English in Prague. While there, I met my partner, Isaac. The night we first met he asked me out for breakfast. I showed up to our date wearing the Brewers t-shirt.

Which means, as a 20 year old I wore a used child’s t-shirt on a first date with a boy I was really excited about to a kinda sophisticated restaurant in a European city.

My reasoning for that outfit, and my “look” at the time went something like this: I thought you couldn’t be a strong, intelligent woman and dress in a feminine way.

During that time, I wore a lot of vintage ethnic tunics, a lot of bright colors, a lot of things that were oversized, for fun but also to assert my independence. I had no purse, no makeup. In a post-communist nation where the women wore high-heeled leather boots and lipstick just to leave the house, I stuck out like a sore thumb. I thought they looked like cliches.

However, in that year and a half that I lived in Prague, those women wore off on me a little as I started to negotiate an understanding of clothing’s meaning: to me and to others.

I’ve held onto my Brewer’s tee since then, maybe in part to remind me that what you wear doesn’t really matter at all.

Lizz Wasserman designs the line Popomomo out of Los Angeles.

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