Daphne Javitch

Boiled wool in a true navy. Understated and so masterfully tailored that even the gold buttons are a quiet detail. Made by Boy by Band of Outsiders, the pea coat was the most expensive outerwear I’d ever considered buying, but it was unquestionably Mary so I did.

During the summer of 2007, I was recovering from deep despair following an abrupt break-up on my birthday. One of the ways I’d managed to survive was by watching every episode of the 1970s television series The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Mary Richards was my role model – a stylish, single 30-year old with my favorite kind of positive attitude – straight, simple and with a smile. If Mary could get through seven winters in Minneapolis, I could certainly face another in New York.

But only in that pea coat.

Towards the end of that summer, I met and befriended one of my now dearest friends. Our friendship deepened one night in the garden of our favorite Brooklyn restaurant when I shyly confessed to buying the gloriously plain pea coat. I described to her how I’d tried it on and then left the store only to return the next day because I couldn’t be without it. She blushed and beamed before revealing that she’d had the exact same experience – with the same coat! – only days later. We bonded over Band.

So I love my pea coat. And I won’t ever check it.

Costume designer and personal stylist Daphne Javitch launched her underwear line TEN at Opening Ceremony on 10.10.10.

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