Caitlin Mociun

Brooklyn, NY

My mom and her best friend, Susan, had a business in the late 1970s called Razzle Dazzle. They affixed rhinestones to all kinds of clothing and sold them on the street in San Francisco, CA. This jean jacket is one of the few things left that they made. Susan gave it to me in memory of my mother.

I used to wear it a lot in my twenties, which was in the 1990s when 70s fashion was cool. I was in art school and wanted to wear interesting looking things. I’ve always been attracted to clothes that have a past, a history behind them. These days, I’ve been wearing the jacket again because I’m really into worn out, old denim.

Six years ago when I started my own clothing brand, Mociun, I was making everything myself. Each piece was a one-off, just like Razzle Dazzle. But my mom and Susan didn’t take their company too far. My mom became a teacher and Susan became a therapist. Well, who knows what I will become!

Caitlin Mociun designs Mociun, a clothing, textile and jewelry line based in Brooklyn, NY.

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